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  2. Information on the precincts

Information on the precincts

A moment at the shukubo

The time at the shukubo is flowing slowly and calmly.
Please spend your time calmly.
Why don't you get away from your busy daily life and touch the will of the Buddha?
  • Introduction of the precincts

    • garden

      Our garden is a beautiful garden created by incorporating the natural background of Koyasan.
      You can enjoy various scenery depending on the season and enjoy the healing space.
    • In the hospital

      There is a library and a sutra-copying room.
      Please inquire at the reception desk of the temple office as there are available times.
      In addition, at the reception desk of the temple office, red stamps and amulets will be given.
  • Reiwa 4th year Koyasan, an annual event of our hospital

    Annual events are Koyasan Yamauchi and our hospital.
    There are various events such as a correction party at the beginning of the year, a ancestral birthday party (Aoba Festival), and an Okunoin Mandokuyo-e
    • 【Oto correction meeting】


      【Okunoin Shusho-e】
      1st, 2nd and 3rd, Okunoin 9am

      【Kondo Shusho-e】
      1st, 2nd and 3rd Kondo 9am

      【New Year prayer Goma offering】
      1st, 2nd and 3rd, our hospital Gomado 1:00 pm

      【Oto correction meeting】
      5th Oto 9am

      【Kongobuji Temple New Year Prayer Meeting】
      5th Kongobuji Temple 11:00 am

      【Goshuho Haruka Hoe】
      11th Kongobuji Temple 9:00 am

      【Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Memorial Service】
      17th Kongobuji Temple 9:00 am
    • 【Joraku-e】


      【Good luck evil Star Festival Ogoma Kito-e】
      3rd Gomado hospital Gomadou 1:00 pm

      14th and 15th Kongobuji Temple 10:00 pm
      *General worship has been cancelled.
    • 【Daigaran (large temple) Mikagedo】


      【Great East Japan Earthquake Memorial Law Association】
      11th Okunoin memorial tower 9:00 am

      【Law seal changing ceremony】*private
      12th Kongobuji Temple 10:00 am

      17th Kongobuji Temple 11:00 am

      【Spring Kondo Higankai】
      Kondo 1:00 pm

      【Our spring equinoctial week memorial service】
      21st Our hospital main hall 1:00 pm

      【Okunoin positive Mikage test】
      21st Okunoin 9am
    • 【Former Hoe Mikage offering Mikagedo】


      【Buddha's Birthday(Buddha's Birthday)】
      8th Kongobuji Temple 9am

      【Kondo Garden Ceremony Large Mandala Offering】
      10th Kondo 9am

      20th Okunoin 9am

      【Former Hoe Mikage offering arrest night】
      20th Mikagedo 7:00 pm

      【KyuTadashi Mikage subjected Okunoin]Old March 21
      21st Okunoin 9am

      【Former Hoe Mikage offering Mikagedo]Old March 21
      21st Mikagedo 1:00 pm
    • 【Our hospital Gomado main Fudo Myo-o】


      【Cemetery memorial service Okunoin University Segakikai】
      21st Okunoin 9am

      【Sannoin Summer Prayer]Old May 1st
      30th Sannoin 9am

      【Sannoin Summer Prayer]Old May 2
      31st Sannoin 9am

      *Spring abhisheka has been cancelled.
    • 【Aoba Festival】


      【Sannoin Kensei]Old May 3
      1st Sannoin 6:00 pm 

      【Buddha's Birthday(Aoba Festival)】
      15th Taishi Kyokai 9:00 am
    • 【Associate Dharani Association】


      【Associate Dharani Association】
      1st Associate Hall 1:00 pm

      【Hachisuka Clan memorial service】
      8th Our hospital main hall 1:00 pm

      【Internal talk】
      7/8, Kongobuji Temple 10:00 am

      Sannoin 6:00 pm

      15th Great Tower 1:00 pm

    • 【Ganran Bonkai】


      7th to 13th Kondo 9am

      【Kongobuji Temple HajimeRanbonkai】
      11th Kongobuji Temple 11:00 am

      【Our hospital】
      11th Our hospital main hall 4:00 pm

      【Okunoin Mandokuyo-e(Candle festival)】 
      13th Okunoin 8:00 pm
    • 【Dento Kokushi】


      【Great Kanto Earthquake Memorial Law Association】
      1st Ichinohashi memorial tower 1:00 pm

      【Dento Kokushi Memorial】
      11th Kongobuji Temple 9:00 am

      【Autumn Kondo Higankai】
      Kondo 1:00 pm

      【Our autumn equinoctial week memorial service】
      23rd Our hospital main hall 1:00 pm

      【Kondo Ichiza Sediment Kamochi】
      23rd Kondo 9am

      【Myojin service transfer]Old September 3rd*private
      28th at 10am
    • 【Myo Shrine Autumn Festival】


      【Autumn Garden Ceremony Abhisheka Sanma Yakai】
      1st Kondo 8:00 am  

      【Autumn tie irrigation】
      1st, 2nd and 3rd Kondo 8:00 am 

      At 1, 2, 3 pm 7 Okunoin

      【Myo Shrine Autumn Festival】
      16th Sannoin 12:30 pm

      【Okunoin Sigohosan-e】
      27th Okunoin 9am
    • 【Bone laying memorial service】


      【Cloistered Imperial Prince Ene, Myoun Daimonsho memorial service】
      19th Our hospital main hall 1:00 pm

      【Bone laying memorial service】
      27th Our hospital main hall 1:00 pm
    • 【New Year's Eve Prayer Party】


      【General Waka Transliteration Meeting】
      10th Daishi Church 9am

      【New Year's Eve Prayer Party】
      31st Our hospital main hall 11:40 pm
    • Our daily monthly event

      【Daily morning shift】
      Every day our hospital main hall 7:00 am

      【Nikko Goma offering】 
      Every day at our hospital Gomado 8:00 am or,1:00 pm

      【Fudo Myo-o Prayer Meeting】 
      28th of every month Gomado hospital Gomadou 8:00 am or,1:00 pm

      【Good luck Benzaiten offering】 
      Yin Earth Snake Our Hospital Mochibutsudo 10:00 am

      【Fukusho Daikokuten】
      Koshi's Day Our Hospital Mochibutsudo 11:00 pm

      【Victory Bishamonten】
      Tiger's Day Our Hospital Mochibutsudo 10:00 am

      【Kobo Daishi Honorable Mention】
      21st of every month Our hospital main hall 1:00 pm