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Information on shukubo

Make the most of your experience at the shukubo in your daily life.

This is Koyasan, where you can wash away your daily fatigue and stress.Why don't you make such a time?
Why don't you wash your mind while listening to the chirping of birds and the barking of insects in the tranquility?In addition, please take the opportunity to discover new things and look at yourself through morning work, Gomagyo practice, and sutra-copying experience.Please feel free to come and visit us, regardless of whether it is Koyasan or a shukubo.

About accommodation

At this hospital, guests are invited to experience work, Gomagyo, meditation, and sutra copying.
Why don't you experience Buddhism and experience Buddhism as a memory of staying at a shukubo?
  • 【front door】

    ~Click here for arrival and departure~
    Check In
    From 15:00
    Check Out
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    《We will keep your luggage before and after check-in and check-out, so please feel free to ask.》
  • 【Rooms】

    A simple Japanese-style room that looks like a shukubo, between 11 square meters and 29 square meters
    For meals, vegetarian dishes will be served in a separate room for both breakfast and dinner.

    *Depending on the event, you may be asked to eat in the hall.
    Japanese-style room between 11 sqm and 29 sqm
    Smoking or non-smoking
    All Rooms Non-Smoking
  • 【Ballroom】

    There is also a large hall that can accommodate 120 people, which can also be used for training camps.
  • 【Large Communal Bath】

    Soak the end in the sacred water of Koyasan

    Body soap, rinse-in shampoo, and hair dryer are available in the large communal bath.

    *Currently, bathing is restricted for each group as a measure against new infectious diseases.
  • 【Library】

    Why don't you devote yourself to reading in the tranquility of Koyasan
    Books related to masters and Buddhism, picture books that even children can see, etc. will make you feel at ease.
    Please be in time

    *Please inquire at the reception desk of the temple office as the usage time is fixed.
  • 【Jodan-no-Ma】

    This room is the most prestigious place in the hospital, and when a daimyo family visited the mountain long ago,
    It is a room where you stayed or took a break
  • 【vending machine】

    It is next to the large communal bath.
  • 【Preparation in the room】

    【Tea set, pot, yukata, Tanzen, bath towel, towel, toothbrush】

  • 【Smoking area】

    Our hospital is completely non-smoking.
    If you smoke, please use the designated smoking area next to the entrance.

Number of rooms

12 rooms in total:12 Japanese-style rooms

Room supplement

All rooms have air conditioning and TV, and some rooms face the garden

Standard room facilities

Air conditioning in all rooms/TV set


Hand towel/toothbrush/bath towel/Toothbrush
yukata/Tanzen/Tea set/pot/Duvet

In-hospital facilities

Main hall/Gomado/Hall/Library/Sutra-copying room

Locally available credit card

VISA, DC, JCB, Diners, AMEX, Mastercard
*It can be used only for accommodation and lunch.

Standard check-in time


Standard check-out time


Supplementary information about amenities

Since it is a shukubo, it is not the latest equipment.Please understand.