【A Gomagyo where you can experience various things such as meditation, sutra copying, morning work and goma】

You can entrust your ancestors with peace of mind.Face the Buddha without missing daily prayers.
Cherish the heart born in history and tradition.
A calm shukubo full of tranquility and history


Semi-special Honzan Komyoin

The spirit water that springs from Koyasan
Koyasan shukubo that stands quietly in the 1200-year history and tradition.
Please spend the extraordinary experience and the world heritage site directly in the silence.
The original charm of the Gomagyo, such as work, goma, meditation, and sutra copying
Enjoy the experience and the sounds of nature.

Abbreviated auspicious

  • Abbreviated auspicious

    From the 38th generation of our hospital for more than 800 years to this day,
    Honzon Mida Nyorai Standing Statue,Fudo Myo-o Standing Statue,Gundari Myo-o Scroll,
    There are many famous treasures such as masterpieces of Junen Amida Nyorai Ichijikufude

Information on the precincts

  • Introduction of the precincts

    Forget about everyday life in nature different from the city,
    Please listen to the sounds of nature and spend your time calmly.
  • Colors of the four seasons

    In our garden, you can enjoy various colors depending on the season.
    Spring Ishikusuhana is especially popular, and many people come to enjoy it every year.

Information on memorial service

  • -Enjoy the peace of your ancestors at our hospital.

    Koyasan is a sacred place where many good men and women are offering memorial services to their ancestors as the knees of Kobo Daishi
    In recent years, the way of memorial service and customs have changed with the passage of time, but at this hospital, we pray for the well-being of the spirits and the peace of mind of the owner.

Information on shukubo

  • About accommodation

    We accept accommodation at a shukubo.
    Please relax in the quietness of Koyasan, a World Heritage Site.

Meal information

  • What is shōjin ryō?

    Koyasan representative taste is, to say the least, shōjin ryō.
    It is a traditional taste that has been found in the strict rules that prohibit meat eating and has been handed down through repeated ingenuity.

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493 Koyasan, Koya Town, Ito County, Wakayama Prefecture

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Get off at Koyasan Station Nankai Koya Line/2 minutes walk from the Bus Karukayado-Mae
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